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A Little Bit More About Me...

As you have read on my home page, I work for NHS Highland as a Physiotherapy Technician. This involves specialist rehabilitation for many different issues.

I love my job and being able to help patients succeed on their rehab journey is a privilege.  ​

Pilates features very highly on my exercise prescription to my patients because it works.

Pilates helped me to recover from prolapsed discs when I was in my 20's.  This happened when I was super fit.  The fear took over and I decided that avoidance was the easiest course of action.  I have since learned that this was a very poor choice.  

Thankfully I found Pilates, I loved it so much that I went on to train as a teacher myself.

Hypopressives is a course I undertook when I started seeing more patients with pelvic floor issues and exercise avoidance due to the symptoms they were experiencing.

​As a society we have become very accepting and have normalised pelvic floor issues. The subject can be embarrassing and we can find it difficult to talk about.  Hopefully we can reduce the taboo around this subject.

Unfortunately it is a common issue, but it doesn't mean that it's normal. 

I did some research and found that Hypopressives can be a great addition to your pelvic health programme.  

​I'm a Tea Jenny, I love Munro bagging, kayaking and being outdoors. 

My Qualifications​

Pilates Teacher  - Body Control Pilates London 

Hypopressive Teacher - Hypopressives UK, London

Human Movemement Specialist

BB Institute ​

NeuroKinetics Therapy Level One - NKT, London

NeuroKinetics Therapy Level Two - NKT, Dublin

Swedish Massage - Western School, Glasgow (Studying at present)

Spiral Dynamic - Body Control Pilates London 

Adaptations - Body Control Pilates London

Intermediate Mat - Body Control Pilates London

HNC Physiotherapy Support, Edinburgh College

Diploma  Sports Therapy -  Pro Active, Glasgow

Diploma Football Medicine

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