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Getting started on your Pilates journey

So you've decided to get moving, to finally invest in yourself for body and mind to cope with the stresses of everyday life or just to feel and move a little better.

No guilt attached about the money or the time away from home, just a bit of time out for YOU.

Whether you have had a break from exercise, had a baby, want to improve for another sport, had an injury or fancy trying something different then Pilates has your back.

Pilates is a gentle and progressive form of exercise that can help to improve balance, core stability, breathing patterns, movement patterns, mental health, and much more.

I know that starting something new is daunting especially if you are joining an established class but I can assure you that every person is there for their own reasons.

There is absolutely no judgement from anyone in class (including me), just all out respect for showing up and being consistent. No one is watching you, they are just trying to keep count as I am very untrustworthy in that department!

Consistency is key to YOUR Pilates practice, this is all about you for a change. No consistency equals no progress and that is the hard truth of any kind of exercise.

There is always progressions and regressions for anyone who needs them, this may change class to class if you're anything like me.

We all have good days and bad days, it's all part of being a grown up. I am digressing but apparantly a child laughs 200 times a day, an adult laughs 8 times a day. There's the proof it's tough being an adult, we need to laugh more. It's also very good for the abdominal muscles so another good reason to spend your time with people that make you laugh until your pelvic floor tells you to calm down. This is definitely something we cover in class......

My classes make me feel like a proud Mother at sports day, seeing people progress is amazing. I am so thankful and proud of each and every one of you that turn up week in and week out.

You are the very reason that I love my job so much and I thank you all so very much xx

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